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      our accrual plan is based in the pto_rolling accrual. Can any help me how this works.. we are at the year end and we want to carry forward all the remaining leaves for the employee to next year. but when I query for the accruals on fastpath accruals, the employees are given zero value.

      I tried running the PTO Carry Over process with different dates, but of no use. Can someone help me understand how this works?

      Thanks & Regards
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          Kashif Manzoor
          Please check MOS note for detailed level explanations
          Paid Time Off (PTO) Accruals And Accrual Formulas [ID 146702.1]
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            Hi Kashif,

            Thanks for the link, it was very helpful..on the PTO_ROLING ACCRUAL, i could see "PTO is lost if it is not used within 12 months".
            But i do not want this to happen. The PTO should be carried over for the next year too.. I mean if an employee has 13 leave balances this year, they have to be carried forward for the next year and the accrual for the next year should also happen.

            Can you please help me how to acheive this.

            Thanks in advance
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              You need to attachh carry over fomula with yout PTO to achieve this.
              You can go through the oracle note "Almost Everything you Wanted to know about PTO - Paid Time Off"

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                Hi Avinash,

                I have attached the below formula for Carry over... but still unable to carryover the values.. also I am unable to accrue leaves for the next year...

                /* ------------------------------------------------------------------------
                This formula is the seeded carryover formula for the rolling year accrual plan. Although
                carryover has no meaning for a plan of this kind, we still require a formula for use by the absence
                screen. This formula simply returns calculation date, and zero.

                DEFAULT FOR ACP_ENROLLMENT_START_DATE IS '4712/12/31 00:00:00' (date)
                DEFAULT FOR ACP_SERVICE_START_DATE IS '4712/12/31 00:00:00' (date)

                INPUTS ARE
                Calculation_Date (date)

                Max_Carryover = 999999999
                Effective_Date = Calculation_Date
                Expiry_Date = add_years(Calculation_Date,1)

                RETURN Max_Carryover, Effective_date, Expiry_Date

                Thanks in advance

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                  Vigneswar Battu
                  Hi Damodhar,

                  Did you run the process PTO Carry Over at the year-end ?
                  This is needed to carryover the PTO to next year.

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                    Hi Vignesh,

                    I have run the PTO Carry Over process and the problem now is, the total leaves which the employee is eligible in the next year are also added to the accruals on the starting of the year, whereas they need to be accrued every month :(

                    For Example: An employee X has 20 leaves in his accrual balance as on 31st Dec 2012 and he is eligible for 18 leaves from 1-Jan to 31-Dec 2013. I have run the PTO Carry over process with the below Parameters.

                    Calculation date : 31-Dec-2012
                    Accrual Plan: Annual Vacation Accrual
                    Reprocess All Participants : Yes
                    Accrual Term : Current

                    Now after running the when I navigate to Fast path -> Accruals screen and query for the employee accruals, the net entitlement shows as 38 instead of 20. :(

                    I do not know what I have missed..