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    ORA-27473: argument 1 does not exist


      I've been trying to create a file_watcher to check for files arriving at the filesystem. But keep getting the error "ORA-27473: argument 1 does not exist ". I've searched forums but can't find an answer to get me on track.
      Does anyone know why I get this error?

      The examples I've been following are those provided by oracle and some from the web. All very simple and run, but mine does not.
      The system I'm using is a Oracle prebuilt VM 'Database App Development VM', where the OS is Oracle Linux 5 and Oracle Database 11.2 EE.
      An example is this: http://awads.net/wp/2011/03/29/did-you-know-about-file-watchers/

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          Just wondering whether your enter this part correctly ?

          2 DBMS_SCHEDULER.create_program (
          3 program_name => 'image_watcher_p',
          4 program_type => 'stored_procedure',
          5 program_action => 'process_image_files',
          6 number_of_arguments => 1,
          7 enabled => FALSE);
          8 DBMS_SCHEDULER.define_metadata_argument (
          9 program_name => 'image_watcher_p',
          10 metadata_attribute => 'event_message',
          11 argument_position => 1);
          12 DBMS_SCHEDULER.enable ('image_watcher_p');
          13 END;
          14 /
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            Hi and thanks for your reply. And I am sorry for not replying until now.

            I dropped everything before I read your reply, but I think you are correct that there was something in my program that was wrong.

            I have created a simple program which just calls a procedure and this works. So I can build on this.