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    Compile Invalid Objects

      We recently upgraded to EM12CR2 from OEM 10.2 and are looking for the location to compile invalid objects. In OEM 10.2 the path was All Metrics --> Invalid Objects by Schema --> Invalid Object Count: <schema>. You could them click on the count number, get to objects and recompile them as SYS.

      In EM12CR2 I can go to the database, Monitoring --> All Metrics and see Invalid Objects, Invalid Objects by Schema. For example, I can see that there are 11 invalid objects for SCHEMA1. But I can't drill down into which objects those are and then compile them. When I click on the number, which in my mind is equivalent to the above OEM steps, I get 'no data to display'.

      This used to be a simple method for us to make sure all objects compile after a deployment, now that we upgraded I don't want to lose that.

      As a side node, I understand that we can do this with a SQL script, or through SQLPLUS, but I'm looking for the EM12CR2 path and method to accomplish this.

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          Courtney Llamas-Oracle
          I'll have to take a look at the drill down link, but for now here's how to find the invalid objects from the db itself:

          From the DB target, Select Schema -> Programs -> Packages, then select Invalid for status, select your schema and click Go. This will bring back the list of Invalid objects.
          In Selection Mode, you can select Multiple to be able to select multiple invalid and select Actions -> Compile.
          You can change Object Type in the drop down on the top right.
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            Thanks, it's a step in the right direction. I can see if something under PROGRAM is INVALID, but can't see if a database object is, such as a VIEW, MATERIALIZED VIEW, SYNONYM, etc.

            I have the em12c r2 documentation, but any references to invalid objects takes me to the metric setting, not what I'm looking for.

            Any help would be appreciated. For now we've resorted to using TOAD and a script, but we'd much prefer to use EM.
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              Courtney Llamas-Oracle
              You can do the same thing for views/syn by going to Schema -> Database Objects.

              I don't have access to a 10g site, when I checked 11g I could only get as far as Schema, never saw a drill down to the actual object name. What I would suggest is to log an SR, and provide screenshots of the steps you take to get there in 10g (if you still have a site), and as far as it will let you get in 12c. Update the thread w/ the SR # as well.
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                Will do. Appreciate the help.
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                  The SR for this issue is SR 3-6608820051, submitted this morning.
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                    Latest message from Oracle support:

                    As far as I know that is the only way to view/compile the invalid objects from 12c Console, this way has been completely changed than the previous releases, I am sorry to confirm that you will lose the functionality after upgrade.

                    Best Regards,
                    Mahmoud Darwish
                    Global Customer Support | Enterprise Manager Team