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    Flexible Header


      Can anyone help me in understanding the capability of Flexible Header in OSM cartridges. I know flexible headers are the query filters in OSM webclient and it can be added as Column in Order Worklist. I want to understand the data element added in the flexible header needs to be always from order xml from source system or any data element which is managed internally in OSM (mapped with downstream system reponse values) can be added as flexible header.

      Thanks in advance...

      Bharathi R
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          Hi Bharathi,

          The data elements that are created in Data dictionary can be selected as Flexible headers. These flexible headers can be any fields, irrespective of data being populated from upstream/downstream systems or by OSM itself.

          Naveen Jabade
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            Hi Naveen,

            Thank you for the response.

            Bharathi R
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              Flexible headers are not only used as query filter in worklist, but they are used in find order WS to search order from OSM.
              if you dont declare a data node from DD in Flexible header, then you cant use it in find Oder WS.


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