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App using Endeca seeing intermittent connection issues

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The java application which is calling Endeca is intermittently not able to connect. That dump starts with this
SRVE0133E: An error occurred while parsing parameters. Async IO operation failed, reason: RC: 76 Socket is not connected
The Endeca request log is not seeing the request, which makes sense as there was no connection created.
Doing a netstat for the port on the Endeca instance I see: 1 LISTEN and 30 TIME_WAITs.
The request volume is 1 a second, at the most.
I am seeing a strange thing in the Dgraph log, one of these for each health check from the network load balancer. The health check is a telnet, as far as I know. I don't think it is related, but it is the same port.
WARN 12/28/12 16:44:32.282 UTC (1356713072282) DGRAPH {dgraph} Aborting request: connection broken: client
Any thing else I can look at?
(I am in the middle of the process of being able to open a ticket with Oracle. Still not there yet.)
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    Is there a firewall and/or load balancer between your java application and the Endeca MDEX? If so, are they setup bi-directionally? Is your java application running on linux? If so, what is your ulimit set to? If set too low, you could be running into a limit of the number of open handles (file and/or sockets) that your system will allow.

    Sorry nothing too specific here...



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