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    New tables in 12.1


      We are working on the migration of Studio 11.5 to 12.1 . While creating the Library table names we are seeing the below two additional tables in 12.1. Please let us know the significance of the below tables.

      User Table
      Common Fields Table

      Do we need to have these two tables created or they are optional.

      Thanks in Advance
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          The legacy USERINFO.DBF file is now held in the database used to house the resources. The legacy FDB file, for the field database, is also now contained in the database.
          The use of legacy Codebase repository, held on the file system, is no longer used since the introduction of Documaker V12.0. It is possible to maintain existing Codebase workspaces in DMStudio V12.0 and higher, but the creation of any new workspaces must use a database as the library for all files that may have previously been Codebase.

          As of Documaker V12.0 any new workspaces created will be held in a database. If Standard Edition is used this can continue to be SQL or Oracle, however if Enterprise Edition is used it is necessary to use Oracle DB.

          If you are being prompted for these tables it sounds like you didn't use DMStudio in V11.5 and you were using the legacy Image Editor, Formset Editor, etc applications for resource maintenance. You have two options available to you:
          1) Using V11.5 DMStudio create a new workspace and import the legacy resources to that workspace. You can choose a Codebase workspace to house the resources. That workspace can then be opened in DMStudio V12.0.
          2) Using V12.0 DMstudio create a new workspace and import the legacy resources to that workspace. You will have to choose an ODBC database, through the DSN selection screen, to identify a database that will house all resources.

          My recommendation would be to use option 2) as the Codebase repository is a legacy option that will no longer be developed or enhanced. Additionally, the Codebase format cannot be tuned or indexed for performance gains. Finallly, the Codebase format is very easy to corrupt as it's a single file, and this could result in you losing your whole library and having to move to a backup. The use of ODBC database for the library is more stable, secure and allows room for improvement through performance tuning.
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            Hi Alan,

            Thanks for your response. We have migrated the MRL's from Legacy to Documaker Studio 11.5 . The .DBF files were not required by us as we don't use the FDB and the USERINFO table .

            The USERINFO table was not required for us as our development was predominantly single user.
            The legacy codebase master.ddt mapping was converted to XDD mapping during the conversion.

            Does the two new tables affects the GENDATA Procesing. Can we run the GENDATA without these two tables. We are planning to leverage the workspace created by 11.5 and not create new ones in 12.1. Please advise.
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              Hi Dhanraj,

              I have used MRL (Codebase-CB5) created using Studio 11.5 and ran the GenTran, Data, Print processes using Studio 12.1 and I haven't faced any issues. I used the MRL as such without importing and creating a new one. As Alan has said, there are good number of advantages to have it in a DB. However, if you want to have a initial setup to see how your code works in 12.1, you can run using 12.1.

              I have tried with few example MRLs of 11.5 work well in 12.1 (though none of them had flown complex forms or logic).

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                You will need to have the USERINFO content - this is used by DMStudio and by Documaker and is required for processing. You should set up these tables and you can use the 'Documaker' default user.

                The Master file you refer to as being converted to an XDD during the upgrade is for the Extract Dictionary. The FDB I mentioned earlier is the Field Dictionary.
                The Extract Dictionary defines the data definitions and locations within the extract file.
                The Field Database defines the field names, lengths, formats, data types and font characteristics.

                The USERINFO table is not required for GenData processing, however you will need to set it up for DMStudio.
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                  Hi Alan

                  Thanks for your response. Currently we do our development in DMSTUDIO in a Windows enviroment with SQL tables and promote the resources to UDB tables in SOLARIS for our testing (This is due to our Architecture Constraints). The SOLARIS environment has the IDS/GENDATA running that uses the resources in the UDB tables for generating outputs.

                  We don't use the DMStudion in SOLARIS. In this case , is it required for us to create the User and Field Database tables in both the environments. If we opt to have tables created in SQL tables alone , will it create an issue while promoting resources from SQL to UDB databases.

                  Also we noticed that the DDL's available for creating the CATALOG table in the 12.1 Studio Manual (Pg : 438 , dmstudioguide.pdf) doesn't have the LASTNUM column in it. But the DDL's generated using the 12.1 wizard has the column name listed there. The Prior version of 11.5 table aslo had the column in it.

                  Please advise the DDL's to use.

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                    The tables should not be necessary on Solaris environment, however my recommendation would be to include them in the deployment in the event that you, because of a change in requirements, you decide to use them in future. The addition of two more tables, on top of the resource tables, shouldn't be much effort.

                    For the DDL's definition you should validate this with Oracle Support. I suspect the missing LASTNUM definition may be a typographic error in the documentation, but you should validate that with Support.
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                      Thanks a lot for your information Alan. It was really helpful. Can you let us know when the CATALOG tables are updated. Wat informations are stored in the table and how and whenr are they referenced.