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    to call a package


      I am trying to call a package.
      Any one can help me out?

      Thanks in advance,

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          You call PROCEDURES & FUNCTIONS inside the package, not the package itself.. Example:

          Package SamplePackage has a procedure called y and a function called z, to call procedure y you do this: Execute SamplePackage.y(Parameters, Go, Here);

          to call a function you would do this:

          (q is a declared local variable of type varchar2(100))

          q := SamplePackage.z(Parameters,Go,Here);

          Thank you,

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            Thank Tony Miller,

            I have to use page process or anything else.

            I create a region and apex made sql statements. I convert the SQL to PLSQL store procedure as a procedure in package.

            I want to call it. Please let me know step by step how to call it.


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              Hi Sam,

              You can convert the existing page P/SQL process like this


              v1 varcahr2(10);
              v2 varcahr2(10);
              v3 varcahr2(10);


              select into ...

              update table set ...

              commit ;

              pkg_name.pkg_procedure( v1, v2,v3 OUT);

              :P1_PROCESS_RESULT := V3;


              so "pkg_name.pkg_procedure" is taking care all process

              Hope this clarifies.

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                Thank Benz,

                When I create a form, I am able to choose from procedure.
                I want to select the option when I build a form.

                I would like to know how to call from APEX the procedure is in DB.

                Thanks again,

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                  Do you mean you want a drop down list of the procedures in the package to select from?
                  I imagine that if that is the case and you had the right authorization, you could use a query from the DBA_* (or ALL or USER) views to get a list and build a dynamic call that way. Haven't tried it though.
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                      Please refrain from posting to a LONG SINCE DEAD thread..

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