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    Difficulty with ST_GEOMETRY.

      Hello all,

      I am having difficulty getting oracle.DataAccess.dll to read the schema of an ArcSDE ST_GEOMETRY column.

      We are using Oracle x64bit running on Microsoft 2008 R2 x64bit enterprise server. Have installed ArcSDE 10.0 sp2 x64bit and configured to work apprpriately with Oracle. I can use sqlPlus to issue a query against a table with an ST_GEOMETRY column and use a method from the st_shapelib.dll with success, but..

      When I try to access the same data from our webservice using the oracle.DataAccess.dll I get the following error from SDE(?)..

      Exception: Custom type mapping for 'dataSource='SDEGOMU-ORA-TEST-01' schemaName='SDE' typeName='ST_GEOMETRY'' is not specified or is invalid.

      In the Web.config file I have the following:

      <add name="ST_GEOMETRY" value="udtMapping factoryName='st_shapelib.dll' typeName='ST_GEOMETRY' schemaName='SDE'/>

      I am using oracle.DataAccess.dll version

      Has anyone else encountered this problem and have a solution. It is vexing me.

      Thank you,

      Milton S.
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          Simon Greener

          Your problems relate to something that is not an Oracle product.

          This forum is about Oracle's spatial offerings not ESRI's.

          You should direct your question to the appropriate ESRI forum (or start using the better product with ESRI software - which it can do!).


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