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    how to open a showDetailItem when click on a commandImageLink

      hi to all,
      i am using Jdeveloper Release1

      I am working on a jsf fragment page in which there is 3 showDetailItem(TAB) and, there is a commandImageLink on 1st showDetailItem by which i want to open the second showDetailItem...
      -For this i have created a method in manage bean and call it on the actionListener of the commandImageLink,the second showDetailItem gets open but the content of the second showDetailItem is not visible on the page and then if u refresh the page then content will visible...

      this is the fragment Page code..
      <af:commandImageLink text="Shopping" id="cil1"
      And Code for actionListener in the manage Bean is...
                public void shoppingLink(ActionEvent actionEvent) 
                  System.out.println("inside the shopping"); 
      Plaease give the solution thank you.