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    How to do dbms scheduling?

      I have a set of sql scripts which has to be run on a periodical basis say every two hours.

      These scripts create tables which are populated from a remote database using db link and if and only if the process is completed without any problem, we truncate a set of different tables and populate with the data in the newly created tables and drop the newly created tables.

      I want it to be part dbms scheduling but i have no idea on how to do this.

      If someone could help would be great .

      Thanks in advance.
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          You may try to write a stored procedure instead of a script. In the procedure, do the following
          1. Write a dynamic SQL 'Create temp table as select * from remote_table@remote_link' and then execute it.
          2. Write a dynamic SQL 'Truncate local_table' and execute it.
          3. Write a dynamic SQL 'INSERT INTO local_table select * from temp_table' and execute it.
          4. Commit

          Then create a scheduler job using DBMS_SCHEDUER.create_job to run the stored procedure at your preferred interval.

          job_type => 'stored_procedure',
          job_action=> 'my_procedure',
          repeat_interval => 'FREQ=HOURLY; INTERVAL=2',
          enabled => true,
          auto_drop=> false
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            To simplify and optimize the procedure, you can create materialized views and then just refresh them when you need.