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    Virtual column support?


      There are some planning to support add/modify Virtual columns?

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          Gary Graham-Oracle
          Hi Giuseppe,

          Some background on virtual column support (first available in Oracle 11g Release 1) in SQL Developer.

          In the current production release,, an existing virtual column definition manifests itself in the default data column of the table viewer's Columns tab. Using that tab's Add Action there is no way to define a virtual column. Using the Edit option from a table node's context menu, attempting to modify a virtual column (or add a new virtual column) by updating the Default text field will fail with something like the following error dialog:
          Invalid <datatype> Default Value
          Expression cannot use columns or user functions. Literal strings should be quoted....
          Looking at the next release under development, it appears the Edit Table UI has been enhanced to include virtual column support; however, when actually trying to use it the parser complains Virtual column expression is not valid. Perhaps this enhancement is not hooked up correctly yet. Our Quality Assurance is aware of the issue and will log a bug later in the development cycle if the developer does not catch it.

          SQL Developer Team
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            Thanks for your update.