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    Problem with trigger WHEN-VALIDATE-ITEM

      Hi all ..
      i want to check my item to became unique in my database and the item exist in the database ,it must be clear(this item) !! ,so i use trigger when-validate-item for this item and trigger when-timer-expired for the form global ..
      this is my code :
      //trigger when-walidate-item :
                i number;
      vTimer TIMER;

                IF //condition then
                          i := show_alert('ERROR');
                          /* Create a timer with a 10 Millisecond delay */
                     vTimer :=create_timer('TEMP',10,no_repeat);

                end IF;


      //trigger when-timer-expired
      GO_BLOCK ('name_block');



      But in runtime ,i was this error :
      FRM-40202 Field must be entered !!

      thnx :)