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    OBIEE11g migration from Dev to Test

      Hello Gurus

      I need to migrate OBIEE11g from Dev to Test enviroment and It is a refresh not incremental.

      This is basically OBIAPPS 7963 - Financial Analytics Module and the obiee11g is on AIX 6.1

      To add more , when I first installed OBIEE11g , it had Sample APP lite RPD & WEBCAT. Then I installed OBIAPPS 7963 in Windows and copied the Metadata ( RPD , WEB CAT & SYSTEM JAZN XML) in the obiee1g set in AIX 6.1. Itried login with Weblogic user and it worked ok for me.

      Now when I have to transfer the code from Dev to Test , is it ok that I transfer only RPD, WEBCAT (complete) and System Jazn XML. Would weblogic user still work for me in Test that is there is Dev.

      OR do I need to transfer some more file like ( the 5 files - 1.DefaultAuthenticator.dat, 2.DefaultCredentialMapper.dat etc ) which gets generated by export utility in weblogic console.

      Note: We didn't create any new user . It is only weblogic in Dev. Created one application role - Cost Center Role in Dev but I guess that would be migrated with System Jazn XML.

      Pls. guide.