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    CLUSTER_DATABASE parameter


      By setting CLUSTER_DATABASE=TRUE is my instance not part of the cluser database.

      Why are using " srvctl add database -d proddb" and srvctl add asm -n node1 -i +ASM1 -o $ORACLE_HOME

      Could someone please explain

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          What is your 4 digts Oracle version ?

          If your database is single instance database you must set CLUSTER_DATABASE to FALSE.
          About SRVCTL usage for single instance database in 11.2 http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E11882_01/install.112/e24321/whatsnew.htm#BGGHBEJG says:

          SRVCTL was enhanced to support single-instance databases with Oracle Restart on standalone servers and on clusters with Oracle Clusterware. SRVCTL is a command-line interface used to manage Oracle processes (database instance, listener, Oracle ASM instance) when using Oracle Restart. With SRVCTL, you can manage the Oracle Restart configuration, see the status of processes managed by Oracle Restart, and start or stop processes such as the Oracle Database.
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