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      I have some data for each month.say no of transactions for each month.When users selects any two months(from month,to_month) ..trend analysis to be shown with respect to from_month.i.e if from month is march2012 and to month is june 2012 then variation sud be as

      month variation
      march -
      april (data for april-data for march)/data for march *100
      may (data for may-data for march)/data for march *100
      june (data for june-data for march)/data for march *100

      is there any way to do so in pivot table.
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          you can create colculated columns for variations along with month and number of transactions and supply variables to get current mont,current mont-1,current mont-2.
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            but if i filter tot_txns for current month nly current month row shows the result
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              If you are facing hard part to get the value for 'data for march' then you can go for Filter from column fx->Filter use month or PS variable to filter it and take care the % in the pivot table.