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    After 4.2.1 upgrade get:  requested URL /pls/apex/wwv_flow.accept not found

      Our hosted site just upgraded to 4.2.1 and I am getting:

      The requested URL /pls/apex/wwv_flow.accept was not found on this server.

      After trying to make a change on a master/detail form. I thought Apex 4.2 increased the # of fields on a master detail form so was surprised to see this error. Even when I reduce the number of columns showing on the detail part of the form which can have many rows as well, I am still getting the above error.

      Has there been any change in 4.2 that would change the behavior of a straightforward save of a multi row master detail form?

      In the past with Apex 4.0 I had to limit the columns being shown, but now I am reducing the # of columns even further and still get the error.

      UPDATE: I just removed from the report region definition several columns (which were deselected from the Report Attributes so not actually showing in the master-detail form) and now I am at least able to add rows and save changes. Again I am totally surprised that this behavior is happening when I thought 4.2 allowed for MORE page items!!

      I still cannot Delete rows from the detail section -- I get the odd message of :
      ORA-02292: integrity constraint (ENTERPRISE_SYSTEMS.RESOURCE_REQUEST_CON) violated - child record found

      But these rows have no child record!! They ARE the child records of the Master form. I had seen this behavior again related to the number of items showing on a page. Seems to me to be a bug in Apex that I had hoped would be removed with the 4.2 upgrade.

      Am I missing something!!


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