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    After Migration Reports

      I am migrated 10g into 11g.After most of the reports have the data mismatch.50% reports not displaying correct data.

      How will fix.

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          You need to check all joins,is it perfect.

          Need to check all formulas, Some times formaulas may be rewritten wrongly.....

          Take the SQL of 10 and 11g and compare the SQL..... easy to track.

          mark if correct/helps
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            I have arund 100 reports most of the reports implemented column formula only.like (sum(sum-----)/100)/count(distinct(.................)) .
            Aggregation rule is some report not set in 10g.After migrated 11g shows aggregate rule default.
            similarrly i faced lots of issues.Now i am not able to match data properly.COuld you please provide me details.

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              Try this:
              Out of 100 reports take 2 reports from 11g, for both reports take the xml code using catalog manager and close catalog.
              Using answers do the aggregate for 1 report as needed once you know all set that report get the xml code using catalog manager and compare it for that specific column's formula. the specific new change try to find and replace(catalog manager xml code) the code for 2nd report, close it.
              Check the new changes using answers to see as expected and compare results if this is worked for you then using catalog manager find report entire catalog.

              Do it with your own risk and proper back up, its little bit time consuming but works with proper care.

              If works pls mark :)