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    Can we create ACL any where?


      as a part of my DB migration, i was asked to create the ACLS in the target DB and i am completely new to ACLS. Can any body guide me following points.

      1) can i create ACLS in any location. for eg. in my source database. ACL related file is located @


      but in my TARGET DB can i create in any other location?

      for eg in ORACLE_HOME location.

      2) How this will be managed in RAC(Active/passive) environment?

      Thanks in-advance.

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          Harm Joris ten Napel-Oracle

          1) no you can't , the path /sys/acls is inside the database and not on the filesystem, when you configure an acl using
          dbms_network_acl_admin, only refer to the xml filename without the path and the database will take care of properly
          storing the xml file in the XDB repository,

          2) since it's inside the db and not the filesystem there's no issue with RAC


          Harm ten Napel

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