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    SSH connectivity

      when i click on setup while configuring the SSH connectivity between my two node grid infrastructre it says

      successfully established passwordless SSH connectivity between the selected nodes

      but when i click on test it says [INS-06006]passwordless connectivity cannot set up between these two nodes

      Please help in this regards as i am stuck here
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          Niket Kumar
          check this link to manually setup ssh connectivity...
          also post your db version and os version

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            my os is suse linux enterprise 11 and Oracle Grid 11.2

            can you please tell me why is this happened as it was already setup SSH before failing at test?

            i was successfully setup the ssh connectivity between two nodes but failed at test

            document link which i followed is

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              When you are installing Grid Infrastructure  "Cluster Node Information" Tab

              You have to enter the following information :

              1. HostName :
              2. Virtual IP Name :

              a. Use the Edit and Add buttons to specify the node names and virtual IP addresses you configured previously in your /etc/hosts file.

              b. Use the 'SSH Connectivity' button to configure/test the passwordless SSH connectivity between your nodes.

              c. Type in the OS password for the user 'grid' and press 'Setup'

              It will setup the SSH

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                If you are having this issue, then check to make sure the users and groups are using the same uid/gid and the home directories point to an identical paths for $HOME and $GRID_HOME and $ORACLE_HOME as well as the permissions are identical. The grid/oracle users must also have the same password.