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    how to go to another form

      Hi :) ,
      i want when i press boutton ,to display another block from another form !!!
      so how i can do this ??

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          Michael Ferrante-Oracle
          Look in the Builder Online help for each of the following:

          <li> OPEN_FORM
          <li> CALL_FORM
          <li> NEW_FORM
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            thnx for the answer ,
            i consulted the help online ..
            this is my code :

            i receive error message "Impossible to read form module1"
            what's the solution ??
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              Michael Ferrante-Oracle
              Because you did not mention exactly what Forms version you are using or the platform on which it is installed, I may not be able to offer a detailed answer. In the future, please ensure that you include complete details about the problem you are having and the environment where the software is installed. If a separate client machine is related, be sure to include that information too. Please refer to the following:


              Regarding what you have shared, my first guess is that "module1" has either not been generated into an fmx or that fmx cannot be found. Be sure that you generate an fmx and that you have included the path to this file in the FORMS_PATH.
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