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    SQL Developer - Unable to connect to instances on LAN/wireless


      I have Mac OS Lion on my laptop with sqldeveloper running.

      Now, sqldeveloper is not able to connect to Oracle instances, when I am connected in LAN or wireless. It just takes forever and spits out the IO error with vendor code: 17002.
      But it works fine when I'm on VPN to the same instances. :(

      It was working on both conditions until a while ago..Not sure what changed. But I did ping for the IP address and hostname of the DB server as well as tried to do telnet. Everything works fine.
      Why is it not able t oconnect with LAN/wireless setting?

      Any idea? Pls advise.

      Thank you.
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          Hi Chitra,
          maybe you can share some more infos here so we can try to support you?
          (please try to format the output properly for better reading - for blocks of technical output you can use {noformat}
          {noformat} )

          <li> what version of SQLDeveloper are you using?
          <li> what version of Database are you using?
          <li> please check if on your Database the parameters local_listener and remote_listener are set? if yes, please provide them.
          <li> can you please provide the relevant listener.ora config?
          <li> are is any kind of cluster setup involved?
          <li> as you mentioned "VPN" - is the "LAN" or "WLAN" you refer part of your corporate network or your private network at home?

          these are a wide range of initial questions - some might not be necessary, but I want to avoid a high number of question/answer roundtrips.