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    BIP reports

      How to add the Sql server data source to BIP in the OBIEE11g .we are already installed the Sqlserver ODBC driver to the server .
      we are trying in this follwing way .

      I ahve given all the fileds port name as 1433.

      But still it is showing an error.
      Pleas help me how to achieve this .


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          I'm able to connect with no issues for both 'Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and 2008'

          from BIP->Administration>JDBC>Add Data Source

          I dont think you need ODBC for this since this based on JDBC.

          Just in case make sure you have sqljdbc.jar file in \FMW\Oracle_BI1\jdbc\lib
          FYI: sqljdbc.jar is existing at DAC folder in my local but not in above location

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            Iosif T
            You can use any of the data source type offered by the app.
            JDBC or JNDI or FIle or OLAP
            There is no ODBC type (the BIP is a Java application and don't regularly use ODBC drivers, except if you use JDBC-ODBC bridge for some databases!)

            As for JDBC, it is the hyperion used for MSSQL server, with the most complete (with named instance and specific port) syntax as follows


            It works for 2005 and 2008 (and 2012 ? not tested yet)