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    monitor system

      hi all ,

      we have monitoring system (SOLARWINS ORION) so we plan to add oracle to this moinoring system
      is case if any error or warning send email to our team , i know how to do this vie connected oracle enter prise manger
      ro mail server , but this monitoring system will be more advantage , so first i install oracle client on this system
      which is windows server 2008 R2 , and i open new connection vie ODBC and it work fine , but when assign this node to mointor system
      it's fail and the problem with oracle client can you please give this client i install oracle client 11g.2

      see the error below :
      testing on node ccbs01:failed with unknown status.
      the oracle client software must be properly instaleld to use
      oracle QA monitor.
      component uses following oracle client driver:MS_ORACLECLIENT.this
      particular oracle client software can be downloaded from solarwinds
      customer portal under additional components,or
      directly from oracle website.
      underlying exeption message is :'exception has been thrown by the
      target of an invocation.(inner execption message is :system.data.
      oracleclient requires oracle client software version 8.1.7 or

      the error said go direct to oracle website but it's different of normal oracle client due to oracle client driver:MS_ORACLECLIENT

      can you please provide me a link of this one ........