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    what is the application server for 11g called now?

      Hi all,

      my work involves oracle DB 10g and i install oracle application server so that i can run all my created forms and reports. When oracle release new version which is the new 11g, i've always been confused and unable to upgrade due to not understanding it properly. I really wish if someone could answer few of my questions so that i can get a clear picture.

      1. In 10g,running forms and reports on web requires the installation of application server 10g. what is it called in 11g? is it Weblogic suite? if so could someone provide the accurate link to download.

      2. In 10g, development requires developer suite to create forms and reports. Same issue as above, i dont see it anymore for 11g. what is called now? i saw forms and reports but wouldn't that be for application server? could someone provide the link to download?

      i'm just confused to what i should download and install in order to upgrare. plus some links are confusing here at oracle site.

      i hope someone could point me to the right direction.