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    How to run a batch file using tigger....

      Hi, i am trying run a batch file using a trigger on a table.
      say i have a table XYZ(col_1 varchar2 primary key, col_2 varchar2)
      the values of col_2 keeps changing and col_1 are constant
      whenever the value of col_2 in any row changes from "on" to "off" i want to run a batch file C:\Users\ABC\Desktop\test.bat

      i did some searching but couldn't find any solution. Thanks in advance

      Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production

      sorry wrong foum to post.
      will post in the correct one

      how to run batch file using trigger?
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          welcome to the forum.

          This is the forum for the tool {forum:id=260}. Your question should be placed in {forum:id=75} or {forum:id=61}.
          When you post your question there please provide additional information like db version, what kind of trigger you want to use, how you want to prevent the execution when the transaction is rolled back... {message:id=9360002}