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    IP_IN_QUEUE dequeue issue

      I have a requirement where I need to dequeue the IP_IN_QUEUE with consumer as 'b2berroruser' for the exceptions in B2B transactions.

      For the above requirement, I have created a soa composite, with AQ adapter which will dequeue the messages from IP_IN_QUEUE with consumer as 'b2berroruser'. While configuring the AQ adapter i haven't selected any schame name(left it as default).

      Also the data source which used in the above composite, is configured with ***_SOAINFRA user. *** --->depends on the environment.

      When I deploy this composite to the DEV environment, this is working fine as expected. But the same composite is not working in TST.

      Will this be because of the schema name difference in these environments. Here we have DEV_SOAINFRA in DEV and TST_SOAINFRA in TST.

      Also I ran the below queries in TST:
      select * from AQ$IP_QTAB t where t.QUEUE ='IP_IN_QUEUE' and t.CONSUMER_NAME='B2BERRORUSER';

      select count(*) from AQ$IP_QTAB t where t.QUEUE ='IP_IN_QUEUE';

      Where I found records in the IP_QTAB in IP_IN_QUEUE with 'B2BErrorUser' as consumer.

      Please help.


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