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    How to create BI Publisher Criteria Report

      Dear All,
      How to prompt for a Date Range in a Contract Managament using BI Publisher.
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          Oracle have created a knowledgebase article opn how to do this:


          However it states that Prompt for Criteria is currently only available on a single date value per report. Prompt for Criteria can not currently be used on any other type of field (text, number, etc.).
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            Rudy Ising

            I have found that you can extend this functionality to other field types other than date fields (i.e. you can make it work with text, number, etc.) by modifying the syntax in the CRITERIA box.


            However, this feature still does NOT support setting up MULTIPLE criteria (i.e. Date and Contract Number, for example)  You can only have ONE CRITERIA option.


            Like older versions, you can use the greater than/less than with an AND statement to get a range for this one criteria.