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    Exporting from Discoverer Plus

      We have two different production Discoverer 11g servers, using different EULs on two different databases. When I do a supervised export from Discoverer Plus to Excel or another export format, the box that pops up to say the export is complete has a checkbox that says "Open the first exported sheet". On one of the servers, this works perfectly, and Excel (for example) opens right up and loads the spreadsheet. On the other, nothing happens, and you must go navigating through the file system to find the export file and open it manually.

      I cannot figure out why it works on the one server and not on the other. Local PC configuration seems unlikely to be responsible since I'm doing it all on the same PC. (And it is not just me--as far as I know all users experience the same behavior.) I don't see any user option settings that sound like they would affect this. There are a few differences in pref.txt between the two environments, but nothing that sounds related to this. Nor have I found anything relevant in the configuration documentation.

      Does anybody kmow what controls this?

      Thank you,