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    Provisioning process issues with event handler deployed


      I am facing some issues with OIM 11g Event Handler for an application.(It’s a Custom Connector )

      Our provisioning process is like, we add a user to a role- an access policy (we have created access policy that binds the user role and Resource Object) is triggered.

      Then, the user is assigned the account.

      Also, at a time a user can have one role, so for that we have created an Event Handler that get triggered when user Role membership changes.

      This, event handler add the new role and remove the previous role and update the User form with New Role.

      Now due to this, If the user is assigned a new role, suppose of AD, in order to provision the account.

      The event handler is triggered and provisioning process is not completed.

      I can provision the user an account for AC by calling- userOperation class’s provisionResource(userkey, objectkey) method in the code itself.

      But, that is something not very feasible and up-datable for other targets(AC/ACF2 etc).

      Please suggest what should be the approach to handle this.