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    SLB Not configured with OMS

      Hi Everyone.

      On the admin host on the standby site we have already ran the agentDeploy.sh script with the OMS_HOST as the SLB host name and port details as part of the last step in the configuration.
      But the oms status details still shows the SLB not configured. On all the other OMSs on the standby site the slb details are showing fine when i issue the status oms -details command.
      Can i run the agentdeploy.sh script again by giving the SLB hostname and port details?
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          What steps have you been following? agentdeploy.sh is related to agent deployment and not OMS configuration.

          To configure an OMS with an SLB you need to resecure the OMS. See 27.8.2 in the Cloud COntrol Administrator's Guide for details on how to do this.

          Let me know how you get on.

          Regards, Mark.
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            Hi Mark.

            Thanks for the response.
            I have followed the same document you have mentioned in your reply. As per below section I have installed and configured a standy OMS.
            27.10.2 Installing the First Standby Management Service (Oracle Installer, Software Only Mode)

            and as per the section below i have mentioned the SLB host and port details while deploying the agent as follows.

            Configure the Management Agent on the second OMS host by running the following command from the OMS home:
            $<AGENT_HOME>/sysman/install/agentDeploy.sh AGENT_BASE_DIR=<middleware_home>/agent OMS_HOST=<oms_host_name> EM_UPLOAD_PORT=<oms_port> AGENT_REGISTRATION_PASSWORD=<password> -configOnly
            Note: If you have an SLB configured, then directly specify the host and port of the primary load balancer.If no SLB is configured, then use the secure upload port of primary OMS.

            I have a couple of standby OMS and I have followed the same above steps and the SLB was configured fine. But on this node it shows that SLB is not configured. I have not resecured the OMS on hte other standby hosts on which the slb is configured fine. So im not sure why i have to do this explicitly on this node. Any idea if i have missed something?
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              There are two components that you need to consider
              1: agent - this should be configured to upload to the SLB
              2: OMS - this should be configured with the SLB hostname

              1: for Agent:
              emctl status agent will show you if the agent is uploading using the SLB hostname (check repository URL). If it is not uploading using the SLB then you can resecure it as follows:
              emctl secure agent –emdWalletSrcUrl https://oms.example.com:4900/em

              2: for OMS
              emctl status oms -details will show you if the OMS has been configured for the SLB hostname. If it is not then you need to use 'emctl secure oms' to resecure it using the SLB hostname.

              It sounds like you are saying that all OMSs with the exception of your first standby OMS are configured with the SLB (as shown by emctl status oms -details). How did you install your additional standby OMSs? Can you try and resecure the OMS you are having issues with?

              Thanks, Mark.
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                Hi Mark.

                Thanks for your response.

                I resecured the OMS with the SLB host and port details and now the status oms details command shows the slb details. So it fixed the issue.
                But im not sure why i had to do this explicitly for this OMS as i have not done on the other standby OMS.

                I followed the steps mentioned in my previous post for installing the standby oms as below
                27.10.4 Installing Additional Standby Management Services (Oracle Installer, Software Only Mode)
                I have followed the same steps in the section and it did not ask us to resecure the oms explicitly.
                Any idea on why this would have happened? Because the section on installing standby OMS does not have anything about securing the OMS explicitly. And i have not done this on the other OMS as well where the slb has been configured.
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                  "emctl importconfig oms" should have resecured the OMS. Did you definitely run this step? If so you could mail me the emctl.log and secure.log and we can see if it tells us what happened. My email address is mark.mcgill@oracle.com.

                  Thanks, Mark.