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    Multiple Database Connections

      Trying to develop a functionality wherein we can view data of a remote database (not the database instance where APEX is installed) using the Report.
      As APEX doesnot support multiple database instance access from a single workspace/applciation.. any workarounds .. I'v used dblinks previously.. but was on a lookout for a more roboust solution..Dont find db links a reliable opiton.
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          Andreas Wismann

          how about delving into the wonderful world of Web Services and XML?
          APEX is quite powerful in that realm.
          Of course WS adds a little overhead to communication and is a bit slower than a database link, but there are lots of benefits on the other hand. In my opinion it's the perfect option if you plan on loosely coupling your applications (not only APEX - ask the Java folks :-)
          It always depends on what your expectations are concerning "Quality of Service". A typical APEX page wouldn't load like a million of rows and therefore Web Services might be the right way.
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            Brian Bontrager
            Out of curiosity, what did you find unreliable about database links?