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    11gR2 Grid installation - OCR and Voting disks?

      Hi all,

      I am confused about voting disks, OCR and other diskgroups. Basically I want a DATA diskgroup for datafiles and an FRA diskgroup for backups and archivelogs. These will each have 4 LUNS associated of 100GB each for DATA and 25GB each for FRA, totalling 400GB and 100GB respectively. Both will have external redundancy.

      I also need to configure the voting disks and the OCR (I have set aside 4 x 1GB disks for these), but I am not sure at what point I do this. I am being asked to create a diskgroup during the grid installation, so I have called this diskgroup 'OCRVOTING' but do I add all 4 disks to it? How will I tell Oracle which of these disks are voting disks and which is for the OCR, or do I have this totally wrong?