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    Custom JMX MBean getting refreshed even when not access directly


      In my application we have few custom mbeans that have been registered to the coherence jmx management framework.
      We have set the refresh policy to read-ahead and provided a minimum timeout period of 1sec.

      We have exposed a method (e.g getLatestVersionId()) for getting the maximum value for a particular field in a cache object for a set of caches through JMX.
      The method returns an integer value and is implemented using LongMax aggregator provided by coherence.

      Once the application is deployed, I observed that the custom method (getLatestVersionId) gets called even when we are accessing a different coherence mbean property e.g.(Coherence:type=Cache,name=counterparty,*).

      Can anybody explain why other beans are getting refreshed.

      Is there a way to shut down the refresh process and let the mbean be refreshed only when accessed.

      Thanks & Regards