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    opinion on non-clustered file system to offload backups

      3 node 11.2 rac using ASM on SAN.

      All of the RMAN backups go to +FRA. Any node can initiate RMAN and create backups.

      I want to offload the backups from +FRA to a filesystem. Our current backup system can only read cooked file systems.

      This LUN also comes from the same SAN. It will have a file system, ext4. It will be visible to all 3 nodes and will be mounted to ONLY the first node. First node will be the one to copy from asm to this filesystem.

      If first node is out of commission, I can mount the backup lun to one of the other remaining nodes.

      Does this sound like a decent plan or should I go with a clustered file system?

      Thanks for you opinions!