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    Weblogic licensing unclear

      We're starting a big migration project, from Forms client/server to Forms & Reports 11g R2.

      The licensing terms are unclear, even after exchanging emails with the Oracle representative.

      The representative claims that, under the Named User Plus agreement, we are allowed at most one processor per 10 users (compared to 25 for the Enterprise Database license). This sounds reasonable, after taking into account that every Intel Xeon core is considered as half a processor.

      But what sounds unreasonable to me is her claim that development installations are licensed just the same.
      This means that we should pay for 30 named users if, theoretically, we have 3 dual-core computers, one with FR installed for deployment serving 10 users, and 2 computers serving a programmer each, with FR installed for development.

      Could anyone point me to an official document that explicitly specifies the development license?