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    Sizing guidelines

    Alan Garde

      Looking through the 12c R1 documentation, most of the sizing guidelines appear to be about diskspace and not really about the servers being used for the EC/PC. I have seen the "blueprint" document which gives example servers and that's a good start, but it doesn't really help us scale it to the size of installation we are looking for.

      So I was wondering, does anyone have real world experience:

      OC 11g always recommended x86 hardware over SPARC. Is this still true for 12c with the T4's. Should we go X86 over say, T4?
      Are there any recommendation on memory/CPU sizing?
      Are there still meaningful differences between managing a greenfield site over a brownfield site (where the site consists of T4's, Control Domains, Guest domains)? This is so we know whether we need to ensure OC is fully deployed before the servers are.

      many thanks,

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          Alan, there is a sizing/deployment considerations guide here:


          The T4's make great EC/PCs imho.

          There are still meaningful differences between managing greenfield over brownfield in terms of zones and ldoms, although the gap is narrowing. Most notably you can't create Server Pools with brownfield control domains, and thus can't perform migrations of guests through OC if they are not built through OC.