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    Export from 10g to 11gr2

      Hi All,

      I am going to export the full backup of database 10g and import the same to 11gr2.

      I am just curious to know if i should invoke the full backup from 10g (with full=y option as system user). I guess this option will take the backup of system tables and parameters too. And i suppose the system tables and parameters will be different for 11gr2. Correct me if I m wrong.

      What is best way and options you would recommend.

      Is the below operation correct?

      expdp system/oracle directory=BACKUP dumpfile=dbexp.dmp logfile=expdp_full.log full=y *(ON 10G)*
      impdp system/oracle full=Y directory=Backup dumpfile=dbexp.dmp logfile=impdp.log *(ON 11g)*

      Thanks for your suggestions.