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    Export user created bars

      I want to know if it is possible to export user created bars?
      I can export and import layouts and filters without problems, but when I import a project with user defined bars, I see them in the bar tool, but it is not possible to affect them to actions.

      Thanks for your help.
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          It is possible to export user created bars.

          Please provide more information as to the type of bar (% complete, dates etc..) that you are trying to export and also indicate whether you have checked the mark for it to been shown in the Gantt chart.

          Prasanna Babli
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            The bars I created are based on filters created for activity code values.
            How I trie to export :
            I export the project
            I add the filters to a layout
            I exporte the layout as well
            I import the project and the layout.
            I find the created bars in the list and although the bars are selected, they are not shown.
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              It sounds like you are export from one database and importing to another. I believe this is causing the data info from you export files to not match up. I'll try to explain:

              In you original database you have a layout with user created bars that read "only display on activities with attributes ABCD" and everything works fine. When you export/import that layout, you export/import "only display on activities with criteria ABCD".

              The problem is in the project in the original database, activities used ABCD as possible attributes but when you import the project to a new database ABCD may already be defined. Thus the imported projects activities will have EFGH as attributes instead of ABCD. Unfortunately the layout is still using ABCD. This would explain why the layout/bars show up but they don't do anything.

              You are going to have to redo them in the new database.
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                Thank you.