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    Problem while creating a new project template

      I am trying to create a new project template under one operating unit newly created.
      I am using P A Super User responsibility for that operating unit.
      In profile setting the above responsibility has been assigned the new operating unit under Mo operating unit profile.
      Now when I go to Setup>>Projects>>Project Templates and click on New, the form to create new Project template opens up but in the field where I have to select the operating unit, it shows no values in the LOV.
      Can anyone please help me to know what setting do I have to perform so that I can select the operating unit in this new Template creation Form.
      Hawker Hunter
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          Check the Project Implemention Setups are done for that Operating units.

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            Dear Mr. Govind,
            we have followed all the Project Implementation Setup for the new operating unit except for the Implementation options which we have to fill up for each operating unit.
            In the implementation Options form in the first tab 'System' there are many fields to be filled up.
            For 'Summarization period Type' we choose 'G L Period' and based on this the fields 'Calendar Name' and 'P A Period Type' automatically gets populated.
            But in our case the 'P A Period Type' is not getting populated.
            Can you let me know where we can link the 'P A Period Type' to the chosen 'Calendar name'?
            Also there is a check box - 'Maintain common PA and GL Periods'. If we tick this check box, a message says: 'The Period Type and Calendar of the PA Period does not match the Period type and Calendar of the corresponding GL Period.'
            Can you please let me know where to create the PA Period based on the corresponding GL periods?
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              Hi HH,

              It mean to say that you need to have both PA & GL periods same. So check that you have same periods, ie. mothly or weekly.

              Raghavender K
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                Thanks everyone for your updates.
                Found out that it's a bug in Oracle EBS.
                We should not create a project template using a responsibility through which you can see all the operating units at the header level.
                We should create a responsibility and assign only one particular Operating unit profile to it and then proceed to create the project template.
                This problem would not come.