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    Problems with

      Hi guys,

      I installled the Oracle Database 11g Express Edition in my machine which run the Win7 and when running the the browser show me the follow error:

      The browser can't establish connection with the server.

      Anyone know which the problem and how solve the same?


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      Fabiano Magno Pechibella
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          Windows or Linux host?

          For windows make sure the ...OracleServiceXE and ...TNSListener services are running, go to the services applet via Start/Run/services.msc.

          Make sure you can connect to the database in a command box (Start/Run/cmd) and use sqlplus:
          sqlplus /nolog
          connect system
            ... Password: ...
          select name from v$database;
            ... XE ...
          lsnrctl status
          ... Endpoints:
          Check the lsnrctl status output. Got to have the database , the listener, and the HTTP endpoint, with the 8080 port number.

          If that http endpoint is not present (and listener running, and database running) the web page access is not going to work.

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