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    Best way for clone db

      hi All,

      I've a simple question about clone DB.

      I've a big (5TB) production database. I need to clone this database for test environment on second server.

      I'm think to use rma DUPLICATE command. Both of server have can read and write on the same file system

      oracle is 11 2.0.2 version and database use asm

      Can I create a new rac instance on the second server and use it for restore db? How? Normaly I restore on single instance and after create DB and service for rac.....
      Have you any tech doc for this ?

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          1) you can take BACKUP of SOURCE database and use RMAN DUPLICATE DATABASE (or) RESTORE method
          as you have a shared file system between SOUREC and TARGET servers


          3) Once i used the ASMCMD CP command to copy the datafiles directly to TARGET ASM and recovered it
          (it worked even our SOURCE DB is up and running )

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            Thanks very much for your help.....

            I'd like use rman DUPLICATE command, but I read is possible to use only with auxiliary single istance on second server. Is it possible duplicate into RAC istances directly?
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              I guess you are trying do following:

              source: 2-node RAC
              Target: 2-node RAC

              you create spfile for your TARGET RAC database and nomount the database on one node. No need to worry about other node at this time. All you need to make sure you have correct prameters in the pfile.

              connect to auxiliary instance (i.e nomount database on the first node) and run RMAN DUPLICATE command.

              once database is up and running, start the instance on other node.
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                Just note.. 5 TB is a huge volume for DUplicate cmd to handle.. esp if the same network is being used by your production databases.
                We once ran a duplicate restore for 1 TB data.. that ate up the entire bandwidth.. ran for hours .. and had to benally killed.. as it was impacting Production Performkance.
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                  yes. you can. you simply need to shutdown one of the nodes (target nodes), alter the init for cluster_database=false, and then do a normal duplicate.

                  yes, you need an auxiliary, because you are going to be connected to both DBs: target (production) and auxiliary (test).
                  No problem there.
                  Regarding time on network. you will only use the network heavily if you run a duplicate from active database.
                  if you run a normal duplicate, the command uses already existing backup pieces, with minor network communication between the target and auxiliary.
                  RMAN only connects to get the CF information.

                  From a recent experience, I duplicated a 4TB database in 23hours with no noticeable burden on production. So you have a baseline.
                  hope this helps.

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                    Thanks very much.

                    I dplicated the db between two exadata.

                    On production exadata, i use rman to backup on zfssa storage. I mount the zfssa by nfs on second (test) exadata.

                    on second (test) exadata, I create a sample rac database and start nomount only one instance. I start rman and connect to target (production), auxiliary (local test) and catalog.
                    start simple duplicate command. After 11h dupicate finished and test db works fine.

                    Thanks and regards.