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    Sun Fire V240 OBP vs Max Memory

      Hi All -

      I have two Sun Fire V240's, two CPU's and OBP level is 4.22.33. Is it true that with this OBP, I can actually run 32GB memory? If so, is there a kit number? The only one I've found is for a 4GB kit, X7711A (2x2GB). An upgrade to 16GB would help, but in my case 32GB would really help.

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          Unfortunately the V240's have only 8 slots, and 4GB DIMMs are not supported in this platform, the best that you are going to get is 16GB using 2GB Dimms, Supported part numbers 370-7672 PC2100 or 370-7974 PC2700.
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            Thanks. I found the same part numbers, too.

            The two vendors that stated 32GB was possible are smsassembly.com (http://www.smsassembly.com/product.php?productid=697&cat=1455&page=1) and dataram (http://memory.dataram.com/memory/system-model/735/9/oracle-sun-sun-fire-v240-memory). The link for Dataram notes the OBP level.
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              If I recall correctly, 4GB DIMMs didn't exist when that platform was designed, let alone when it went EOL.

              If you have MOS credentials and can open a Support Request (SR), go ask Oracle's Technical Support directly.

              If you don't have such credentials, you won't be able to download any patch updates, so just expect to max the system out at 16GB for a dual-processor configuration, which is what Sun always stated as the design maximum for that platform.

              Here's a link to a cached copy of Sun's original web page for that system:
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                Appreciate the answer. I have access to the patches, and updates. I'll go with your suggestion and Oracle Technical Support. Thanks.