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    2nd opinion on possible bug in JavaFX asked


      I got this really weird issue, it basically comes down to this: a Group containing >10 nodes is child of another Group. That parent Group has a transformation applied to it. Now when I make the childnodes draggable, and I drag them outside of the layoutBounds of their immediate parent Group, they disapear and stop receiving events afterwards. This does not occur when 10 or less nodes are in a Group, nor when no transformation is applied to the parent Group, nor, weirdly enough, when I run ScenicView and highlight the group containing the different nodes.

      I also posted this on stackoverflow along with a small piece code of self contained code which demonstrates the issue. (no answers though :() I cannot see anything wrong with my code, I reduced my initial very complex scenegraph to a very small example which still shows the problem, so I'm guessing this might be a bug in JavaFX. However, I would like a 2nd opinion before I create an issue in JIRA. Thanks for looking at this!