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    Considering Enterprise Manager

      We are considering deploying Enterprise Manager to manage our customers databases. We have 65+ customer around the globe and 100 databases. The database versions range from to All of them are on Linux OS. The big problem is that we do not have a persistent connection to these databases and must request our customers open a VPN then we can connect. So my big question is can OEM Grid Control handle this type of environment?

      Ideally we would like the agent to monitor the DB and Listener and send us an email if thier is a problem. We would also like to use it to run the RMAN backups again emailing us if thier is a problem. Once we connect we would like to get access to performance data from the database and the host server.

      Also if OEM Grid Control or Database Console is not realy capable of this perhaps some recomendations. We are also looking at PRTG and Zabbix.

      Thanks in advance for any opinions.