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      db and dev 10g rel2 ,
      hi all,
      i am facing the error of ora-06502 when trying to clear_block "my_block" ,
      - i've a button to insert data into my table , but before the data is inserted it clears the block , so
      i am writing my code like so :
      clear_block('test') ; and tried it like so too "go_block('test') ; clear_block ;
      end ;
      but nothing happens , even my code in the button is not executed , and the error 06502 appears ?
      why am i facing this error , and my code is not executed ?
      i've tried clear_form too , but vainly , the same happens .
      thanks in advance

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          Andreas Weiden
          CLEAR_BLOCK doesn't take the block-name as parameter. You have to use GO_BLOCK('my_block'); and then issue a CLEAR_BLOCK;

          If the error still exists you may check if it comes from the CLEAR_BLOCK or any other code in your trigger.
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