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    forms6i cancel insert

      dear experienced people
      i would to ask question
      i have form based on database table, and while i insert in this form, i want to cancel, and i tried to use clear_record or delete_record, but all of them not work because i have one database item which required.
      pls tell me how to cancel the inserting without fill this required item
      best regards
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          Both delete record and clear record should work if you are trying to insert a new record, and then decide you don't want to. Both Delete and Clear functions work.

          However, if you have populated your block with existing rows from the database, and then set a required field null, Forms will not let you delete the record or save the record (or move to another record on the form) without re-entering a valid value in the field.

          If you cannot clear or delete the record when inserting, then you probably have a validation trigger running that is trying to enforce the required entry. What error message do you get when you try?