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    Windows backup of flash_recovery_area 11g

      Hi All,
      I apologize if this is a repeat, but my search in the forums did not yield a completely explicit answer to this question.

      I'm running 64-bit on Windows Server 2008 R2. I have enabled Archivelog mode and scheduled a backup of the database to run every day (incremental) through Enterprise Manager Database Control.
      I have two locations setup for Archived Redo Log Destination, one in the flash_recovery_area, and the other on the C drive. The backups have been running perfectly for several weeks.

      In my flash_recovery_area, I have the following folders:

      All the files in AUTOBACKUP, BACKUPSET and DATAFILE have the last modified timestamp as the last backup time. However, the ARCHIVELOG folder files (as well as the secondary location on C) have timestamps that are random.

      My questions is* if I can perform basic file copies via BackupExec of all the folders in the flash_recovery_area as well as the secondary Archived Redo Log Destination without interrupting the live and running database - assuming I schedule the BackupExec basic file copy job to run when the Oracle database backup is not running?

      Thanks for any help.