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    splitview for tablet (mobile device - ipad)

    Apex Junior
      Dear all,

      I'm newbies in oracle apex mobile app.
      I would like to develop a page like http://scrum-it-demo.ti8m.ch:8080/project/ and i have no idea how to start my development.
      Can anyone advice on it, how to do or show me an example to do it?

      My page must contain 2 column. Column A (with scrollbar) will use to show data list. Column B will use to display the result page based on selected value on column A.
      How can i do to only refresh column B when user selected on column A? Selected value on Column A must be highlighted.
      I would like to grouped column A in "Region 1" and column B in "Region 2"
      What is the best method to use?

      Thank you in advance!