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    Logout URL in APEX4.2

      Hi all,

      I m using apex4.2 with wls10.3 and database 11g
      i m trying to call a process on log out URL
      In apex4.1 in authentication scheme we have logout url were we change the page were we need to redirect on logout click
      But In apex4.2 under authentication scheme Post-Logout URL i have given url here like this apex_authentication.logout?p_session_id=&SESSION.&p_app_id=&APP_ID.:117 on this page i have the two process but i m getting error System Unavailable. Please try again later.

      can any one please help me on this

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          We do not know anything about those process on your logout page.
          Please provide more information or create example about problem on apex.oracle.com.

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            Hi Jari,

            Thanks for your quick response i got it and its working

            what i did is in navigation entries on log out i have provided the url when i click on logout its passing the control to page 117 from their what functionality i want its doing
            but i want to is this a good way to do

            Thanks & Regards

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