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    Inter Company/Inter SOB Inventory Transfer Setup

      Hi Gurus,

      I have a requirement where Customer has below business operations :
      1) SOB1- > LE1-> OU1->INV1
      2) SOB2- > LE2-> OU2->INV2
      3) Inventory Item is Serial Controlled

      Now clients want to transfer Item from INV1 to INV2 and maintain the serial number accordingly i.e INV2 should receive Item with same serial number.

      How to configure the setups in the system.

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          Responsibility: Inventory Superuser or similar
          Navigate: Setup -> Organizations -> Parameters
          Go to "Revision, Lot, Serial and LPN tab"
          Select the value "Within Organization" in the uniqueness field in the "Serial Control" section.

          Do it for both the INV1 and INV2 inventory organization.

          This will help you receive same serial number for an item in two different inventory organization.